ChaniaBoatsrental Routes

They are many places to visit from the port of Nea Chora where is our port base. Nice beaches and peacefull places are waiting for you… or you can just stay at the boat and relax with the sound of the waves and wind!!

Of course you can visit Old Venetian Harbour of Chania and see it from seaside!!

Agioi Theodoroi ( Theodorou ) island

 is only 4 nautical miles (distance) away!! 

You can explore the hidden side (from the seaside of Crete) of Theodorou island and be fascinating from the steep rocks and if you are lucky watch for the wild goats (Kri-Kri) , the permanent residents of the island. ( Green Route)

Are you looking for more places?

Kalathas & Maxairida Beach 

are around 15 nautical miles round route away. ( Yellow Route) 

Stavros Beach and East Beaches 

Akrotiri Beaches are East from our base. You can follow the route for Stavros Beach and discover much more nice places on the way back from there. ( Brown Route)

The Seaside view of Chania Town will surprise you with its beauty and uniqueness places.. 

Menies beach 

and some hidden places  West from our base will be the reason to get in love more with the island of Crete. ( Orange Route)

Seitan Limania or Balos Lagoon & Gramvousa Island

Red Routes are available only with Skipper!!!

Aslo we can visit Seitan Limania or Balos Lagoon with skipper upon request. 

We plan our trip always mindful of the weather forecast